Winter at the Glue Garden

Wet and misty work days during the winter offers a great sense of accomplishment; maybe it’s the stillness as in not much is growing; a chance to clear space and to see what needs attention.

A grant from Awards for All is helping us to make the site more accessible to user groups over the coming year; with new paths, planting, storage and compost areas, and a refurbished ‘mud kitchen’ area in readiness for our Nature Play sessions starting in spring.

With our very own garden fairy embodied in Faith who has been moving around the garden making transformation look easy and a small team of committed volunteers we are full of hope that, come the spring we will be ready to face the summer months.

There is still lots to do the wood store needs sorting, up next the woodland area with trees to cut back and new saplings  o plant out. If you fancy joining us we have regular volunteers sessions every Monday 1-3pm, weather permitting of course.

Misty mud kitchen

Misty mud kitchen