Get started on growing your own food

If growing your own food is something you have thought about doing someday, one day. Here are some of the reasons why we think today is a good day it commit to giving it a go:

  • It is organic - No pesticides!

  • It is food your doorstep

  • It is better for the local and global environment

  • It is an opportunity to learn new skills and develop a better understanding of the natural world

We will leave it to you to construct the list on why you are not going to start; if your list includes, I dont know how, don’t have the time, my garden is a mess, my garden is too small, then let us help you to get started.

Over the spring and summer months we will offering workshops where you can:

Make a Herb Box | Mystery & Magic of Composting | Companion Planting | Container Planting

For those of you that just don’t have the time we have an Allotment in a Box scheme, the perfect way to begin your food growing journey. Shop now.

Allotment Box Flyer.jpg