Here is a sampling of the projects we are currently working on...


The glue garden

In 2015 we took over a wasteland in Birmingham and having been developing it as a community garden ever since. We grow all of our food produce here and run workshops and events throughout the year! 



The woodland

We are working on redeveloping an ancient Woodland just outside of Birmingham as a retreat. We want to create an accessible space where people can come to stimulate their senses, learn about the natural environment and reconnect to the natural world.


Allotment Box Flyer.jpg


We build install and maintain allotment boxes which allow you to grow delicious and healthy fruit and vegetables all year round.

Our rational is simply we love to make and grow stuff and we reckon there are a group of folks who love the idea of growing and eating food they have grown themselves on their small patch of earth; however ultra-busy lives and the convenience of well stocked supermarkets mean most never get round to doing more than growing a few tomatoes (and were not knocking that!)

Our standard 4x4 bed includes:

Installation of bed

Quality reclaimed wood

Quality compost soil

12 varieties of plants

1 service visit

Please do email us for a quote!