As a co-operative our objects for GLUE are about bringing together a collective of people seeking to address current and emerging environmental, social, health and economic challenges in our local communities. This primarily involves the development of educational activities and the manufacture and sale of ‘green’ products and creating opportunities for training, volunteering and employment.

The enterprise has grown from our collective interests in creativity, the environment and working with communities. We are passionate and excited about exploiting our available resources and skills to access the urban environment;  exploring how we use them to generate creative solutions for a sustainable future. 

We are united by our collective commitment to developing an enterprise that reflects our values and interests, these are based on being self expressive, creative, and resourceful working in harmony with the natural world. 

We are passionate and excited about creating marketable ideas and generating new revenue streams to complement our vision for a truly sustainable future.

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The Glue Collective

'Sense in the City' collaborative art project working with children with additional needs, exploring their environment through visual arts.