A busy half term week!

It's been an interesting week…Let's see…

Monday - A good day. It was a great feeling to finish student assessments for this academic year.  A sense of ending not to be delivering this particular module (sociological theory into practice) again; it’s been a real learning curve for me, having to get my head around different perspectives and ideas about who we are as a human community. I’m hoping the experience will stand me in good stead for whatever there is to face on the next horizon.

Tuesday - Office day. Pressing staffing and play scheme planning needing some energy and organisation…

Wednesday - a mixed bag of meeting new and old faces. I was invited by a youth group to sit in on their meeting with CIN (Children In Need) it was useful as I need to do another funding application to them soon.  I was late for a networking lunch at Unltd, but still got to give a batch of Glue flyers to my award manager to take to the impact hub. Thanks Dan!

Later that day met up with Jules from Climate Action Network West Midlands, (CANWM) to prepare our first very funding application for the group - thankful that Jules has offered to go away and put the meat on the bones as it were - feels a bit strange typing that as a veggie!

Thursday – All about the Green Project at the Glue Garden thanks to Devenish Girl @greggsfoundation#socialenterprise #collaboration #communitydevelopment #urbangrowers We had a workshop day of ‘How to make an allotment in a box’, new skills, new people, new opportunities and a surprise visit from my nephew who came back to the garden later in the day to strim the grassed areas – Thanks Berhane! It was nice meeting your colleague Jack who shared his extensive knowledge about forna and flora. Please, both come back again!

Later that afternoon feeling hot and irritated at the prospect of being late again this week I got myself along to the Women's Enterprise Hub (walking distance from my house) I was the last person to arrive 😐 but I am glad I went. I sat through a workshop about using LinkedIn, who new (certainly not me!)? It has a purpose that I was not aware of so have been unable to exploit it…That will need to change now we are Glue Collective Ltd.

Friday - another morning in the office with an eye on the time, as it was BVSC work day challenge at the Crick Garden. It was a great day spent in glorious sunshine with everyone busy trying to make a difference – every little helps. I headed home with some African kale, some to plant and some to eat. Yum!

Saturday - my plans to go to the market in town flopped, after waiting too long for a bus I decided to head back home and start writing a blog and spend time sorting out stuff around home for Sunday – cleaning day! 

Bank Holiday Monday - I was looking forward to spending a full day at the Glue Garden (after finalising prep for the play scheme) so much needs doing!!! Well, it was a very, very wet day, but it was quite nice being in the space by myself, especially after resisting the urge to feel sorry for myself because no one else had turned up.

Thinking we definitely need a gardener…

On that note ‘tis the season to be busy’, so I will keep on keeping on and be thankful for the wet rainy days over the summer that create space for solitude and quiet reflection.